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TOMS shoes have quite the following. Not only are they comfy but they also support a good cause (with every pair your purchase TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need). My first pair of TOMS were actually their wedges, which I pretty much wore out. I also got a pair of the classic TOMS in gray, but I have to say I still am not totally sold on them and I think I pronate or something because they have totally gotten worn on the inside part of my heel, but not the outside. Last month they came out with their ballet flats and I think I’ve found my TOMS match! I got the chambray ballet flats and not only do they go with everything, but they are also really comfortable! While flats are all supposed to be comfortable, let’s be honest – they aren’t. Maybe I just have wide feet or something but some flats hurt my feet just as much (in a different way) than heels. Anyways…these do not. Only advice for those of you who want to try a pair of ballets of your own, they run 1/2 size smaller than regular TOMS. I’m almost ALWAYS a 7 1/2 (sometimes an 8), and I got these bad boys in a 7.

I’m trying to obtain from shopping for the next month or two if possible, but I think when that’s done I definitely plan on purchasing another pair. It’s a good cause, right?! These are my other favorite TOMS ballet flats.

I saw someone try these on and they were actually REALLY cute in person.

Can’t go wrong with black and tan.

So girly and fun. True ballet flats.

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  • Ashley Z Harper

    March 14, 2012, 2:26 pm

    I had no idea!! Thank you for opening my eyes to the expanding world of Toms! I have only had the basics but am feeling inspired by these beauties above!!

    Love to you Christie! 🙂

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