Flower Market Fun

This weekend I took a little trip to the San Francisco Flower Market, which is just around the corner from my place. I don’t know why I don’t come here more often, I’m always left inspired, and who doesn’t love fresh flowers?! The SF Flower Market sells all flowers at wholesale, which means you can get a really great deal. We got all the flowers for our wedding at the SF Flower Market and saved a TON doing so. I’ll write another post sometime about our wedding flowers along with some tips and tricks on the DIY flower thing.

Anyways…back to this weekend. Check out these gorgeous ranunculus – so pretty! These would make such a pretty and colorful centerpiece. I picked up some yellow, purple and orange ones myself.

I also saw some individual succulents for sale. Succulents are all the rave these days for centerpieces, especially for urban or mod settings. At $3/succulent, I almost think it’s best to just buy a potted one for a couple dollars more that you can give away or keep for the long term.

Ahhh…beautiful spring branches. Didn’t pick any up this time, but I had some a month or so ago (check ’em out here) and loved them. It’s like bringing the outside in, and they last so much longer than flowers.

After I purchased my flowers, I did a little exploring and came across this store filled with tons of awesome supplies. Umm…how did I not find this when I was planning my wedding?!

Loving the beach wood, tree stump vases and the birdcages. Those are perfect for holding cards or flower arrangements.

I’m also on an antler kick these days, so naturally I was drawn to those bad boys. Fun fact – most of these were picked up from a forest in Nevada. I thought that was pretty cool.  Also, a little blurry, but they had sheets of birch wood for sale for $7.67 – perfect for making rustic votives, vases and table numbers.

These glass floats were awesome. Would be perfect as coffee table decor, or for a nautical themed wedding. I’m also loving these different shaped twig balls, galvanized vases and crates.

My last stop was at a plant store where I got some advice about my succulents that I have somehow failed to keep in tact (I posted about them here). Apparently you don’t need to water them once a week when it’s not hot and sunny. Oops. Hopefully they can be saved! While at the plant store, I came across these really cool air plants. They need no soil or water. Just a little spritz here and there. I think they’ll be my next plant purchase as they seem nice and low maintenance. Maybe I’ll pick up some of these hanging vases from CB2 for them to live in.

Anyone else do any creative exploring this weekend??


  • jonesandcoweddings

    April 16, 2012, 6:53 am

    Ugh you’re killing me! These would all be perfect for Wedding DIYs..but I leave in Toronto…Canada! lol I will have to find an equivalent flower shop…

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