Hello from Mumbai!

Hello from Mumbai, India! After a long journey (24+ hours traveling), I got to Mumbai with my co-worker on Saturday night. We were greeted at the airport with flowers from our partners amongst a fairly large crowd of people. Such a great welcoming! This is my second time to India but first time to Mumbai and my boss was right when he said this place was filled with energy! I can’t get over how many people there are! I’ve never quite experienced traffic like this. It’s 10pm and it’s still going strong (I can hear the horns outside my window as I type).

I haven’t yet had the chance to do much exploring, but I wanted to share a few pics that I’ve taken so far.

Our welcome at the airport.

View at dawn from my hotel room (jet lag is pretty terrible).

Glass design in the hotel lobby.

Love these pendant lights in the hotel.

AMAZING bathtub in my room. I know what I want in my future custom bathroom someday 🙂

I’ve been eyeing the Nespresso espresso maker for a while now and after testing this out, I think I’m sold.

The hotel pool is perfect for laps and I’ve been able to get in a few morning swims. I used to swim in high school and for a couple years in college, but it’s been a while since I’ve hit the water. I forgot how much I love it.

My co-worker and I having a chai tea break with the team from the tea shack. So good.

Lovely table setting at dinner last night.

I should have more to share after exploring this weekend. Planning to visit some markets and will be taking lots of pictures!

Has anyone been to Mumbai? Have any recommendations for me?

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