Is That My Wine?

Last night at a girlfriend’s house we enjoyed a little vino in some lovely stemless glasses and when pouring our glasses, the host pulled out an ingenious invention – a wine glass writer! 

Maybe I’m totally late to the game, but I’d never heard of such a cool pen! They don’t rub off and are easily washable. Wine charms are definitely fun too, but then you have to remember which charm you have and they don’t work so well if you have stemless glasses. I also like the idea of the chalk board paint dipped wine glass found via Pinterest, although this is much more permanent and I’m curious how dishwasher friendly it is (though I do love me a good chalkboard paint project).

* Via confessions of a plate addict 

I think I might order myself a pack of wine glass writers. About $10 for a 3 pack and it doesn’t have to be used on just wine glasses. I’m growing up over here. No more red keg cups and sharpie markers. Time to keep things classy.

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  • Lula Harp

    March 7, 2012, 12:01 pm

    I love both those ideas. I wonder if just a regular wet/dry erase pen would work the same? I’ve got tiny suction cup monsters for stemless wine glasses

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