Viscusi Elson Interior Design Inspiration

Last weekend after meeting with a super adorable couple to talk about their upcoming wedding in Los Altos, we stumbled upon THE CUTEST interior design firm that also doubled as a super inspiring retail space. Who are they? Viscusi Elson is their name and you can check out their website here. Their portfolio is amazing and their retail store has tons of super unique pieces (including the Rhino pictured below that Christie walked home with). Definitely recommend stopping by their store if you’re in the area. Great unique finds and honestly such sweet sweet gals who know a thing or two (or gazillion) about design.

What really left us drooling was their incredible workspace. Just up some stairs was a great studio space that we wished we could share with them! Inspiration images on the walls, great space to sprawl out designs and ideas and industrial chic decor. Right up our alley. Ladies – don’t be weirded out if we just show up one day with sketch books in hand!

Anyone else found themselves in a space that left them totally inspired lately?

P.S. we’ll share more pics of the recycled metal rhino once he’s up on the wall!

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