Styling Wedding Stationery From Minted


Last spring, I got together with the ladies of Gavita Flora and Rahel Menig Photography, and we spent the day styling 6 different wedding stationery suites from Minted. What I love about Minted is how many style options they have on their site and how easy it is to make online edits and customize the wording so it’s just right! Some things we learned while planning and styling this shoot:

  1. Fresh flowerss make all the difference! They make the collection look and feel very polished.
  2. Use small props such as a lid from a candle jar or even some stacked quarters under the paper cards to create some dimension.
  3. Get creative with the background! It doesn’t always have to be a crisp white surface. Use trays, textured rocks/beans, fabric, or printed paper to create more visual interest.
  4. As simple as it is, using ribbon creates lots of movement in a photo.

Which collection is your favorite and what stationery trends are you loving this year? I’d love to hear them!

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Coordination, Design & Styling: Going Lovely | Floral Design & Styling : Gavita Flora | Photography: Rahel Menig | Stationery: Minted


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